metal braces

About the metal braces

When overcrowded or crooked teeth prevent teeth from fitting together correctly, it can be disheartening. kids and teens can correct problems with crooked teeth by getting dental metal braces from their orthodontist.There are several types of metal braces that can restore your child’s smile in no time.

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Does Your Child Need Braces?

Children suffering from a crooked, uncomfortable bite or gaps in their teeth often suffer from difficulties with speech, eating, or gum disease. Irregular bites like underbites and overbites are easy to damage, as one row of teeth sticks out further than the others.These are the braces we most often think of. Redesigned over the years, traditional braces have become more lightweight. Traditional metal braces feature metal brackets and wires that put pressure on your teeth to keep them aligned.These braces are more affordable than other options, and your child can choose from several coloured bands for a personal touch.

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