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While scrolling on Instagram, Nicole stumbles upon on a new brand, toothsi. She’s curious. Can the gaps in her teeth disappear painlessly, without anybody knowing? “Let’s try.” She calls toothsi and books a session for the weekend.

session two
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The doorbell rings. It’s a Dentrixx pro. Within minutes, he captures a 3D image of patient teeth and answers her queries. After that, Nicole tells Milkshake, her cat, that she’s excited to see her toothsi plan.

session three
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Nicole is staring at her teeth (in 3D). There are no gaps! It’s a digital prediction made by a team of orthodontists (with 10+ years of experience) and our techies. Nicole turns to Milkshake, who is reading the Dentrixx plan. That looks good too. patient makes her first payment.

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Session four
Patient receives her cool aligners and a demo. Her Dentrixx aligners are transparent, flexible, durable, tasteless, stain resistant, (breathe) and BPA-free. patient tries one on and breaks into a smile !

dr aliya zafar

The first session, the impressions, the fittings & the delivery, happen at your doorstep. Every step is safe, scientific, overseen by experts, on par with global standards and painless. Your smile is in good hands. Our Dentrixx Dental surgeons will provide the clear image of your dental problem before starting the treatment Highly experienced dentist will perform the treatment from starting till the end of the treatment plan you will be 100% in Safe hands with Painless treatment.


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