dental implants

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dental implants

Today, dental implants are the state-of-the-art tooth replacement systems and we are at dentrixx dental clinic now more common than ever before. This comprehensive guide deals with all the important aspects of dental implant dentistry

dental implant process

treatment plan by Dentrixx dental

Dentrixx Oral surgeon – the dental doctor who will place the implants inside the jawbone and perform other additional surgical procedures

Dentrixx Prosthodontist – the physician in charge of the prosthetic phase and the general planning for a particular type of prosthesis

Dentrixx Gnatologyst – in complex cases, this medical specialist will create a functional occlusion in order to distribute the chewing forces evenly across the prosthetics the implants support

Dental technician – usually with a specific training in the field

Physicians of other specialities

Obviously, in less complex cases, one or two practitioners can perform all the operations described above. Highly advance technology computer software is also available for highly accurate planning.

Choosing and fixing the type of implant supported prosthesis The final prosthetic can be either fixed, where a patient cannot remove the denture or teeth from their mouth or removable, where they can remove the prosthetic.Where the prosthetic is fixed, the crown, bridge or denture is fixed to the abutments with either lag-screws or cement. Where the prosthetic is removable, a corresponding adapter is placed in the prosthetic so that the two pieces can be secured together.

implant supported crown

implant supported bridge

removable denture supported by implants

fixed denture supported by implants

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A perfect treatment plan will have a positive effect on the success rate of the implant fittings and the lifecycle of the prosthetic device. When the treatment plan is calculated, all the important issues will have to be cautious the data obtained from the medical history and the physical examination the information collected from the dental X-rays, CT scan and other imaging methods patient preferences for a particular prosthetics for example, some people choose to have fixed crown and bridge work instead of removable ones patient financial situation and with the availability of timing.Highly experienced dentist will perform the treatment from starting till the end of the treatment plan you will be 100% in Safe hands with Painless treatment. Walk Home with a Brighter Smile.

Our Dentrixx Dental surgeons will provide the clear image of your dental problem before starting the tre

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