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About the ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are similar to metal braces, but they use clear or tootT coloured  brackets rather than gray or metallic silver brackets and wires. Most of thr  people opt for ceramic braces because they’re less noticeable on your teeth than metal braces. This can be good impact if you’re considering braces and don’t want to feel self-conscious about wearing them.

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Ceramic braces are recommended if all of your adult teeth have come in and you’ve mostly stopped growing. This ensures a quick correction and a lower chance of brackets breaking due to the strain of tooth movement.

Ceramic braces are a good choice if you want your braces to be subtle. Because they’re usually tooth-colored or white, they’re less noticeable. This makes them ideal for straightening your teeth if you work a full-time job or attend college and don’t want to draw attention to them.

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